Unboxing Le Sserafim On-Off 22-23 package + film photobook

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Last month my Le Sserafim On-Off merch arrived. Let’s go to the unboxing!

In total I have four favourite groups within the K-pop industry: BlackPink, BTS, Stray Kids and… Le Sserafim. But while I only became a fan of the other groups later, I was a fan of Le Sserafim right from the start. Two years ago, this girl group debuted with two Koreans, two Japanese (one of the girls even studied in the Netherlands!) and a Korean American. In K-pop terms, this is a diverse group and that is also reflected in the music. I’ve already posted several reviews and unboxings on my blog, but this is the first time I’m unboxing merch.

On-Off is the latest merch from Le Sserafim and reminds me a lot of BTS MEMORIES. I personally really enjoy watching behind the scenes videos and I find it even more fun when they are bundled as annual overviews. In the case of Le Sserafim, it was decided to bundle two years: 2022 and 2023. No idea what the underlying reason is, but I think it is very smart for them to have this structure. The first two EPs and the studio album together form one chapter and were released over 2022 and 2023. It is of course also possible that they will always bundle two years. In any case, I’m really looking forward to watching all the extra content!

I ordered my merch from a Belgian webshop and I received a Weverse gift (from Hybe’s webshop) with the bundle I bought. The gift consists of a mobile stand and two luxury photos of the Fimmies. One of the photos is now framed on my merch shelf and the mobile stand is on my desk. Very useful for when I play audiobooks on my mobile!

To buy the On-Off merch, there were 3 options: a photo book, digital code package or the bundle consisting of both the On-Off merch. I chose the bundle. But if you don’t necessarily want to see all the content, but you do want a memory of the girls from 2022 and 2023, then the photo book is the perfect middle ground! It’s really nice that the photos of the package and the photo book differ. In the latter you mainly see behind the scenes photos from both on and off stage with texts from the Fimmies.

As a Fearnot (fandom name Le Sserafim) I also really wanted the digital code set package, because I like watching the content that the Fimmies and their team create. And I enjoy watching behind the scenes.

I personally think that the outbox has a beautiful design! Simple, characteristic of the Fimmies and forming a nice set with the rest of the On-Off merch. At the moment I have the outbox standing upright with the rest of the merch line on my music shelves.

When you open the outbox, the first thing you will see is the digital code set. The pink plastic contains a unique code that allows you to view more than 500 minutes of content! If you take this layer out of the box you can discover many amazing extras.

Such as the sticky memo pad and sticker pack. Perfect to use in your bullet journal, for example! It strikes me that Le Sserafim products often use craft supplies. Not surprising since all the girls always have craft projects going on and often bring it with them when they have to wait behind the scenes.

Something that is also characteristic of this girl group are the secret message cards, this time they put it in the form of a scratch message card set. In addition, there are also five (one from each member) 3cut photos.

Even more photos, but then as photocards (+ sleeve) divided into two sets. One for On and of course also one for Off.

At the very bottom of the box you will find the photobook set. Again one for On and one for Off. Both photo books contain 206 photos of very luxurious quality. On has a glossy finish and Off has a natural texture. Very suitable for the style and the photos.

I can’t wait to check out all the content. The Fimmies have already hinted that certain things will be explained, which they previously did not get the chance to do. Even a well-known joke in one of the music videos is finally discussed. In fact, we’re actually going to see it!


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