De 10 mooiste quotes uit The Exact Opposite of Okay

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Als je een boek gaat lezen dit jaar zorg er dan voor dat het dit boek is! De quotes zijn in het Engels, aangezien ik het boek in die taal heb gelezen i.v.m. dat ik in het street team zit van de auteur Laura Steven haarzelf. Maar gaan zorgen eind april 2018 verschijnt de Nederlandse editie. 

1. “Bitches bite back. And men hate that. Society hates that.”

2. “[It may seem like we’re always eating, but that’s because we’re always eating.]”

3. “I get why he’s lashing out. As a privileged white dude, he’s used to being able to buy whatever he wants. He lives in a country where even the presidency can be bought.
But he can’t buy my love. And that frustrates the hell out of him.”

4. “You’re cute when you babble,” he says to my total horror and disgust, because unlike the popular noughties rock band, cute is never what I aim for.”

5. “Have you tried to find a job?”
“Good God, that’s brilliant!” I gasp, faux-astounded. “I had not previously considered this course of action!”

6. “What do I want to be now? Bold. Fierce. Honest. A fighter. A revolutionary. A bitch. Because the way the world treats teenage girls – as sluts, as objects, as bitches – is not okay. It’s the exact opposite of okay.”

7. “Don’t look at me like that. This is a book about a sex scandal: did you really expect me to be a nun and/or the Virgin Mary?”

8. “As a feminist I feel immediately guilty because everyone is trying to encourage girls into STEM subjects now, but to be honest I’m not dedicated enough to the Vagenda to force myself to become a computer programmer.”

9. “Basically, if you’re a woman, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

10. “If the school population discovers I banged two dudes in one night, the girls will call me a bitch and a slut, and the guys will high five and call me easy while flinging their own feces at each other.”

Wat is jouw favoriete quote uit The Exact Opposite of Okay?



2 responses to “De 10 mooiste quotes uit The Exact Opposite of Okay

  1. Oh wauw, dit klinkt goed: vooral 1 en 5 vind ik geweldig. Ik ga dit boek zeker lezen als de Nederlandse vertaling uit is!

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